Jijnyasa Foundation for Education and ResearchOrganization:  The Jijnyasa Research and Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation, incorporated in Florida, and dedicated to presenting ancient Indian thought and wisdom to the modern world. It was founded in 2012 by Mr. Anil Deshpande, an Orlando engineer, and Dr. Gururaj Mutalik, a senior physician. The purpose of the website is to address concerns about the declining knowledge of ancient Indian traditions, culture, and philosophy, especially among younger generations, both in India, and in the Indian diaspora. After weighing several options to address this question, including a series of books and articles, and online videos of talks on the subject, Mr. Deshpande and Dr. Mutalik came to the conclusion that the use of digital media in setting up a quality website to authentically portray the subject would be the most effective means of achieving their objective. A web enterprise in Orlando, VGobaltech, headed by Mr. Vaibhav Joshi, who was equally dedicated to the cause, joined the team, and initiated web construction. The web project www.ancientindianwisdom.com is the result. Dr. BVK Sastry, an Indian scholar in Sanskrit and Vedantic studies, joined the team in 2012.

VISION: To portray the essential kernel of Ancient Indian Thought and it’s wisdom – i.e. Sanatana Dharma through the power of web technology.

OBJECTIVES: To make the timeless wisdom and its basic principles accessible and easy to understand for all interested in India’s precious heritage and India’s  incomparable gifts to the world. We particularly wish to attract the younger generation of diasporic world.

FOCUS: To complement many such world-wide educational initiatives to counter  the inexorable decline of awareness of the precepts and practice of Sanatana Dharma.