By Hema Kshirsagar

This paper introduces ‘World’s First Encyclopedia’ entitled ABHILASHITARTH CHINTAMANI. Following are the important points dealt with in this paper :-

1. This book is composed in the 12th century D.
2. It is composed by king Someśvara (III) of Cālukya dynas
3. The Cālukya dynasty was famous for scholarshi
4. The title of the book suggests that it performs the function of a wish yielding gem CHINTAMANI.
5. According to Shivashekhara, Someśvara (III) alone is the author of this book.
6. This is the last book introducing pure Hindu culture before the aggression of
7. Vast number of subjects, discussed in it in details
8. Hence, the book has taken the form of the storehouse of knowle
Key words: King Someśvara, Cālukya, 12th century A. D., Hindu culture, storehouse of knowledge.


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An encyclopedia is a book of information on every branch of a subject, usually alphabetically arranged or it can be called as the treasure or the storehouse of knowledge. This paper is prepared to throw light on the world’s first ever encyclopedic work by king Someśvara(III) of Cālukya He composed this work in the 12th century A. D. The special feature of this work is that it is composed in Sanskrit in poetic form. The title of the first encyclopedia is ABHILASHITARTH CHINTAMANI. It is also known as . We came across this reference while working with Dr. Varsha Joshi on Indian foods. We are presenting this paper so that it will be useful for other scholars as a reference material.

The Cālukya Dynasty

King Someśvara(III), the author of this work belonged to the Cālukya dynasty. This Dynasty was quite famous in Karnataka. The kings of this dynasty ruled over major part of India, for more than four hundred years. During this period Art and Literature developed to a great extent. Many Kannada poets and Sanskrit scholars flourished during this period, and they wrote a lot of books. Many famous Sanskrit and Kannada pets had come to the Cālukya kings for their shelter. Vijayamahādevī the queen of king Candrādityadeva, was a highly learned woman, who composed many works of Sanskrit poetry. Thus, this dynasty was famous for scholarship.