Concluding Words

By Editors

It is a long journey that we have attempted to make, covering the impact and evolution of a culture beginning several thousand years before the Gregorian calendar era, until today. India has been described not so much as a country, but as a continent. The culture of this continent, while derived from a civilization whose language was Samskrit, the language of Gods, also received vital and precious contributions from the coexistent Dravidian, and other native cultures. Its traditions, as we have noted, have endured. In constructing this work, and embarking with you upon this arduous, memorable journey, we feel uplifted.  We hope that you, as the reader and providers of valuable feedback to us, feel equally inspired. As they say in Samskrit, Shubhashte Panthah . . . Let your journey be blessed and rewarding.
* * * * * *