Name : Dr. K. K. Kshirsagar

Web Bio : M.Sc. and Ph.D. Entomology- Comparative Study of Indian Honey Bees-1986 Pune University. He worked as ‘District Crop Protection Officer’ Dhanabad, Bihar. He was Professor at N.M. Wadia College Pune (Zoology), Head -Biology Dept. Solapur College, Solapur.

Research Assistant- Seri cultural Research Laboratory MSKVI Board, Panchagani, Senior Scientific Officer Central Bee Research and Training Institute KVIC Pune

Publications- over 50 Research Papers in National and International Res. Journals, Popular Science articles in Magazines Dailies over 500 articles-, Books published – On scientific and Agriculture total no. – 26, some books received Prestigious Awards.

Worked as an editor – Indian Bee Journal-(Started in 1944), Srushtidnana a Marathi Science Monthly (Established in 1928).

Awards -9 prestigious awards for Science Literature and Contribution in the field of ‘Science and Technology’ – as Science Communicator.

Founder Member Vidnyan Bharati a Social Science Organization Working on National level in 23 states.

Secretory- Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti, Pune.

Honorary Member of Management Bodies of various Science Research Institutes and Educational Societies.