Name : Gururaj S Mutalik
Phone : 941-371-0545

Web Bio : Dr. Gururaj Mutalik is a retired, senior physician of international repute. He was born in March of 1929 into an orthodox, rural family, at Karnataka, India. His father was a scholar of tradition, and excelled in Vedanta, Sanskrit, and in the practice of Ayur-veda. Dr. Mutalik’s father inducted all his children into study of Sanskrit, Yoga, and Vedanta.  Dr. Mutalik served in a national capacity in India as professor and chair of a department of medicine, a dean, and director of medical education and health services in the Maharashtra state. Later, he served on three continents as a director at the World Health Organization (WHO), and headed the WHO office at United Nations headquarters in New York.  Post-retirement (1990), he was the chief executive officer of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), IPPNW is an international physicians’ organization which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. This organization is dedicated to promotion of world peace, nuclear disarmament, and development.

Dr. Mutalik’s lifelong passion, however, is the research, study and teaching of ancient Indian thought (Sanatana Dharma). He is the author of several books and articles in various fields, including medicine, Ayur-veda, and philosophy. He is the chief editor and executive director of Jijnyasa Education and Research Foundation, Orlando /Sarasota, Florida, USA.