Name : Prabhu CSR

Web Bio : Mr. CSR Prabhu retired as Director General of National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. He has worked in various capacities at Tata Consultancy Services, CMC, TES and TELCO before joining NIC.He also has teaching and research experience at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida. He has guided a large number of student research projects at masters level and has several papers to his credit.

At NIC, New Delhi he was responsible for the Computerisation of the Ministry of Programme Implementation and at NIC, Hyderabad, he was Head of the Software and Training Division.

As the National Coordinator of GISTNIC (General Informatics Service Terminal, National Informatics Centre), he has developed a large number of public databases in areas such as tourism, education, economy, census, rural and traditional technologies during 1990-1997.

He was the State Informatics Officer for Andhra Pradesh during the period 2000-2006. In Andhra Pradesh he was responsible for the successful implementation of a number of e-governance projects such as Collectorate 2000 and e-Panchayat. The e-Panchayat Project was conceived, initiated and implemented by him and is under operationalisation in 475 village panchayats in Andhra Pradesh.

He was awarded the Oracle eGovernance Excellence Awards for “Innovation with IT” and “e- Panchayat” in January, 2006. Presently he is involved in designing and implementing an e-governance grid for India, covering all the States and District Centres over the NICNET.

He is an adept in Yoga and promotes a special format of Yoga-practice called ‘Sookshma -Yoga’ through a net work of Yoga institutions in India. A Sanskritist interested to bring out the science in ancient indian manuscripts, he has conducted research on Bharadwajas Vimana Shaastra and developed materials with unique properties, with great advantage for deployment in modern aircrafts also.