Name : Vaishnavi Rao

Web Bio : She is a Doctorate degree holder in Dvaita Vedanta from the traditional Sanskrit University – Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetham, Tirupati. Later, she went to do a second Masters degree in Sanskrit Computational Linguistics, which introduced her to application of the theories in traditional knowledge systems, thereby giving a new insight about the traditional knowledge systems to her. She had opportunities to work on projects like Ramayana and its commentaries in Tirupati, and Sanskrit WordNet at IIT Mumbai. She is also involved in translating Sanskrit and related content in subjects like traditional Indian philosophy, epistemology and epics. She also has 5 years experience of teaching Sanskrit to undergraduate students in a college in Mumbai. Here she was actively involved in revision, formulation and dissemination of Sanskrit curriculum.

Now she works with Goloka Education Pvt Ltd. where she finds that her interests in research and curriculum development in Sanskrit find good ground to work on.

She feels disappointed that generations of children are losing valuable education by not having any access to learning Sanskrit. She aspires that she may work in propagating the repository of knowledge in Sanskrit through both academic and non-academic channels bringing out the structural and scientific design, the beauty and glory of the language and the literary, intellectual and spiritual content in this medium.