Name : Vinod D. Deshmukh

Web Bio : Vinod D Deshmukh, MD, PhD is a neurologist in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. He was an Associate Professor (Emeritus) of Neurology at the University of Florida. He has published six books: 1) Noninvasive Measurement of Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Man (Spectrum Publishers 1978), 2) Presence: The Key to Mental Excellence (Sunanda V Deshmukh, 1990), 3) The Last Leaf (Sunanda V Deshmukh, 1993), 4) A Poet’s Walk (Sunanda V Deshmukh, 2002), 5) Poet’s Vision (Sunanda V Deshmukh, 2005), and 6) The Astonishing Brain and Holistic Consciousness: Neuroscience and Vedanta Perspectives (Nova Science Publishers, 2011).

He has published over sixty scientific articles in neuroscience journals. His recent review articles were on i) The Neuroscience of Meditation, ii) The Multistream Self, iii) Turiya: the fourth state of consciousness, iv) Introduction to Vedanta, v) Ipseity, Atman and consciousness, vi) Functional Brain Model, and vii) Vedic Psychology: a science of wisdom.

He lives a simple, creative, and meaningful life of mindful presence. He meditates daily and tries to maintain meditative awareness throughout the day. He teaches meditation, the art of being, and stress management. He enjoys poetry, nature photography, and oil painting.